In the window

Here, there

Friday 4th – Thursday 17th November, 2016
Port Jackson Press Gallery
84 Smith Street, Collingwood

Installing 74 works in the front window of Port Jackson Press Gallery on Thursday, what was once a gaggle of ideas and works in various states of undress assumed solid form. What had been stored beneath weights and kept safely tucked away was unfurled and given a public airing. And seeing the pieces fall into line as we pressed their faces to the glass, what was small grew in stature. In a different headspace to the business of concocting and the process of making, hanging an exhibition remains one of the most delicious parts. Fuelled by a quietness of nerves and gladness, we orchestrated pairs of big cats, elephants, parrots, and zebras created from the song of honeybee scissors, ink roller, and 2B pencils. The happy state John Clare described as “a bubble of stream that in the act of seizing shrinks to nought” was for the moment a tangible object.

It looked not unlike this suite of images below.


And you can see the works, under the mantle, Here, there, in the window of Port Jackson Press Gallery until Thursday the 17th of November.

Thank-you for having us, Port Jackson Press Gallery.

(John Clare (1793–1864) What is Life)


Image credit: Lemonwood engraving block of a Plains zebra (Equus quagga) by Louise Jennison