Arranging Geography

Piece by piece
A part of the process

process 1 |ˈpräˌses, ˈpräsəs, ˈprō-|
1 a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end: collage operations have an effect on the lightening process.

I have spent the week working towards a handful of new collages, cutting out components in readiness for the compositional shuffling, final trims, additions and subtractions to come. It is a meditative part of the process, harvesting before the glue pot and brushes appear in the frame, and, for the main, I am savouring that there is still a long way to go. I like this time to think, and to question: how could I do this differently? Except lately, in light of any sad headline you care to pull from front page or further back on any given day, this quiet act has felt insignificant. But, of course, it is the very opposite, I swiftly realise. Not these collages-in-process, specifically, but artworks created, in this sense, as a counterweight to the dark. And I am reminded of how I felt after seeing Nederlands Dans Theater, aware of a moment of connection and the mark it in turn leaves, feeling like I could be better, could make a difference. As further Yes tonic, I have since been to the cinema to see Mr. Gaga, and all’s now closer to feeling right with the world.

Reaffirming this feeling that a small light is a good light, that a small movement can say much, I am thrilled to share that Louise and my artists’ book, Because I Like You, has been acquired by the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. The Greater stick-nest rat edition has found a wonderful new home. (Thank-you.) And you can pay the stick-nest rat a visit at the 2016 National Works on Paper until the 11th of September.


2016 National Works on Paper
Until the 11th September, 2016
Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
Civic Reserve, 350 Dunns Road (corner of Mornington-Tyabb Road and Dunns Road), Mornington, Victoria

Coming (really) soon, as you might have gleaned, something featuring a continuation of our ideas explored in our artists’ book, Closer to Natural, with Louise’s drawings created in response to a suite of Salvaged Relatives collages on cartes de visite.

(Related: Batsheva Dance Company’s Last Work and Decadance, two works featuring the choreography of Ohad Naharin, presented as part of the 2015 Melbourne Festival, written especially for Fjord Review)


Image credit: Gracia Haby, It had to be said, when it came to yachting, the Dog bat provided sails like no other, 2013, postcard collage

This collage was one of 464 original postcard collages exhibited as part of All breathing in heaven at Geelong Gallery in 2013, and it also features on one of our greeting card designs  available through our online store.