Hide and Seek

On the Verge 2016

In the windows of
Obus Clothing (Ground floor, Cathedral Arcade)
Collected Works bookstore (Level 1, Nicholas Building)

as part of Blindside's experimental art festival of chance encounters, immersive soundscapes and intimate creative exchanges

until the 3rd of September, 2016

A Giant otter stares out at you. Detectable if you know where to look. A Leopard cat too, watches quietly, unblinkingly. A proudly perched Saffron toucanet is only momentarily invisible.

Twelve Salvaged Relatives collages on cartes de visite cards have been hidden, for a period. Masked by the frosted glass and ephemera of a poet, in the windows of the Collected Works bookstore in the Nicholas Building. Camouflaged by both material and location, these artworks no bigger than a swap card are waiting to see if you will find them in their temporary greenhouse for learning through osmosis. The lady-in-waiting and the Indri have already begun their assimilation of knowledge. 


Installed as part of BLINDSIDE’s On the Verge festival, they are visible-invisible, in the window until the 3rd of September. To pull your blurred image into focus, let the notes secured by two strips of yellow electrical tape to the outside of the pane tell you of costume detailing of pearl and wood.  

And in the store windows and neighbouring display cases of Obus in the beautiful Cathedral Arcade, a further twenty-four works await discovery. Twelve Salvaged Relatives this time joined by their hand-drawn counterparts. At a glance, baboons, egrets, and quails have been given a backdrop more in keeping with their wildness. But is that nature rendered or theatres' backcloth? 

Press your ear to the glass and hear them trying to slow their breath in this game of Hide-and-Seek. A gentle song, in the windows, for you to find and enjoy. 


BLINDSIDE presents On The Verge — an experimental art festival of chance encounters, immersive soundscapes and intimate creative exchanges. For 11 days art will materialise in the alleyways and byways of Melbourne’s CBD. New works and site-responsive performances will disrupt and transform the spaces we take for granted.

Don’t just stand there — follow the prompts, plot your journey, and remap your city!

On The Verge showcases the talents of emerging and established artists: Steve Aishman (USA), Lauren Berkowitz + Lisa Andrew, Aliça Bryson-Haynes + Ria Green, Didem Caia, Michael Cutrupi, Robert Curgenven (IRE/AUS), Buff Diss, Tatjana Este, Fikaris, Elissa Goodrich + Dr Anna Syme, Zan Griffith, Gracia Haby + Louise Jennison, Darcy Kent, Jared Kuvent, Luxloop (USA), Magic Steven, Cassandra Smith + Morgan Jones, Louise Paramor, Marc Pearson, Sarah Rudledge, Natty Solo, Kate Stryker, Bo Svoronas, Billie Justice Thomson

Discover festival interventions in: Bar Americano, Collected Works, Obus, Melbourne Athenaeum Library, Nicholas Building MU Shop / Royal Aracde, Somewhere Store, The Kelvin Club, The Big Issue magazine PLUS a unique House, Melbourne alleyways and the BLINDSIDE gallery.

Amongst other things, you can Walk the Verge in spirit of the grand tour on Saturday the 27th of August, 4–5.30pm. Rendezvous at BLINDSIDE Gallery at 4pm on the day. 

Big and heartfelt thanks to festival curators Charity Bramwell, Lisa Mansfield, and Bianca Tainsh, Kris Hemensley from Collected Works, and Kylie Zerbst and the good folk at Obus.

(Related: Several recent zines of ours available through our online store feature Salvaged Relatives, should you hanker to take home more than the experience)


Image credit: Reverse side of a carte de visite recently reincarnated through collage