Sticky, stuck

Sticky Institute

Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2017
Melbourne Town Hall
Sunday the 12th February

Things move quickly. They always do. Whether good or bad or beige. But before they do, grant me a little time to savour what was, to look back at Sunday’s Sticky Institute zine fair at the Melbourne Town Hall. From its subterranean roots (in the Degraves Street Subway), Louise and I have had a stall at the annual Festival of the Photocopier for many years now. Since 2009 (so say our early blogs). It is now a chance to join instagram and twitter avatars to faces. It is a highlight on the calendar. It is a hub of like-minded souls. A bright collective shoulder-to-shoulder frenzy. A knot of paper fans. A crumpled assemblage of photocopier fanciers. It is utterly unique. Free and genuine and glorious. It bursts at the seams, and is not to be missed.

If miss it you did, for whatever the reason, you can purchase all of our new zines, created especially for the fair, through our online store.

Duck in, duck out
Louise Jennison
Edition of 100

Here, there
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
Edition of 100

Flippered and flightless
Louise Jennison
Edition of 100

Dove, love, wash
Louise Jennison
Edition of 100


Thank-you to everyone who swung by our zine stall at this year’s Festival of the Photocopier. Thank-you Sticky Institute. It was, it is, always a thrill. Thank-you Deborah Klein of Moth Woman Press and Shane Jones, time after time, you are the dearest of stall neighbours.

Coming up, Sticky have put together a one-hundred-stall zine showcase as part of this year’s Melbourne Art Book Fair.  

And we’ll be there too, for the third year running, with our stall beneath the Leonard French jewelled ceiling. Since our first zine in 2002, we’ve released 108 zine titles. And we are busy making several new ones especially for the next #NGVABF. We hope to see you there. 

Melbourne Art Book Fair
National Gallery of Victoria
Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th March, 2017

Thursday 16th March: Typography Symposium 10am–5pm
Friday 17th March: 10am–5pm
Friday Party (ticketed): 7.30–10pm
Saturday 18th March: 10am–8pm
Sunday 19th March: 10am–5pm
(Free entry at NGV International. Prices are noted for ticketed programs and events.)


Image credit: Gracia Haby, detail from a carte de visite Salvaged Relatives collage featured within the zine, Here, there, 2017, which features collages from Here, there, 2016, window installation at Port Jackson Press Print Gallery