Set, ready, scissors

Melbourne Art Book Fair

in the Great Hall
National Gallery of Victoria
Friday 17th – Sunday 19th March, 2017

set 1 |sɛt|
verb (sets, setting; past and past participle set)
1 [ with obj. and usu. with adverbial ] put, lay, or stand (artists’ books and zines) in a specified place or position: Louise and I set up our stall of new and existing works.
• (be set) be situated or fixed in a specified place or position: our stall is set in the majesty of NGV International’s Great Hall from Friday 10am through until Sunday 5pm. This year, Leonard French’s diamond-cut, coloured glass ceiling is adorned with several large paper chandeliers, giving for the moment the impression that the triangles have morphed into paper and are making their descent.
• prepare (a table) for a (visual) meal by placing new artists’ book titles etc. in their proper places for their release into the world. Louise and I set the table with copies of ‘Prattle, scoop, trembling,’ and ‘No longer six feet under.’

Here, at last.

Our stall is set. Awaiting you. If you are in Melbourne, and hanker to leaf through a book, our stall, this fair, why, it might just be the place for you.

ready |ˈrɛdi|
adjective (readier, readiest)
1 [ predic.] in a suitable state for an action or situation; fully prepared: are you ready?

See you there. See you soon.


Alongside several new zine titles for 2017, we'll be launching the printed edition of Prattle, scoop, trembling: a flutter of Australian birds. Thank-you to those of you who supported our Pozible campaign to print this book. We really couldn't have done it without you. We have all of your preorders wrapped and ready for collection from our stall. Come Friday, we will also be releasing into the wild, a pair of concertina artists’ books, I think all the world is falling and No longer six feet under, and a palm-sized pair of boxed artists' books, Your nimble tread and Your untroubled verse, for good measure.


Melbourne Art Book Fair
National Gallery of Victoria
Friday 17th – Sunday 19th March, 2017

Friday 17th March: 10am–5pm
Friday Party (ticketed): 7.30–10pm
Saturday 18th March: 10am–8pm
Sunday 19th March: 10am–5pm
(Free entry at NGV International. Prices are noted for ticketed programs and events.)


Image credit: Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, I think all the world is falling (detail), artists’ book, 2017