4th August – 26th November, 2017
La Trobe Reading Room
State Library Victoria

trapezoid |ˈtrapɪzɔɪd, trəˈpiːzɔɪd|
1 Geometry, Brit. a quadrilateral with no sides parallel.
2 (also trapezoid bone) Anatomy a small carpal bone in the base of the hand, articulating with the metacarpal of the index finger.
3 (also trapezoid page) forming a part of Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison's Looped display in the SLV dome dais.

As our five trapezoids are printed in readiness for early August’s installation, let’s steal a closer look at how the page will extend and take up the whole cabinet. Parts within the collage will be visible, and other parts will require you to crane your neck or fill in the gaps. And all five ‘chapters’ will be looped together by a short story. There will also be an accompanying zine-cum-catalogue of our work for Looped, to serve as a souvenir or to read when you have more time to spare. 

(See more of our progress, our process, nestled beneath #GraciaLouiseLooped.)

Looped is a satellite show to Self-made: zines and artist books, of which our work is also a part of, in the Blue Rotunda, Cowen Gallery, of State Library Victoria, from the 11th of August through until the 12th of November, 2017.


Image credit: Mapping out Looped, on the working table