In hand

The Big Issue

Collage commission
for Edition No 542
pp. 18 – 19
Friday 28th July – Thursday 10th August, 2017

Ahead of tomorrow’s install of our Looped tale at State Library Victoria, there is time to take a look at two collages we created for the latest edition of The Big Issue. Our sixth commission for the magazine, it is always an enjoyable task.

We created a handful of paired collages, In hand, in mind, for the magazine team to choose from, to accompany Big Issue vendor Sharon’s written piece, ‘View from the Street’. It was an honour to attempt to do justice to Sharon’s message of hope and kindness. Her words, in light of our foster care work for the RSPCA, struck a chord with us: actions can make a difference.

So many people feel it’s not their problem, so why bother? Why worry about the less privileged, the poor, the homeless, the drug addicts and alcoholics, the mentally ill and those needing a hand up? But you never know when you are talking with angels. The Big Issue gives me the wherewithal to accomplish my good Samaritan feats.
— Sharon, 'View from the Street', 2017

Keep an eye out for Hamish and Andy sporting vendor vests on the cover, and please pick up a copy today.

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Image credit: Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, In hand, in mind, digital collage commission for and published in edition #542 of The Big Issue, 2017, pp. 18 – 19