Sunday, stickily

Sticky Institute

Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2018
Melbourne Town Hall
Sunday the 11th February

Katherine Mansfield likened short stories to “photographs, catching people at some moment in their lives and trapping the memory for ever. There they are, smiling or frowning, looking sad, happy, serious, surprised .... And behind those smiles and those frowns lie all the experience of life, the fears and delights, the hopes and the dreams”. And this is not unlike a zine to me. The zines I make with Louise.

This weekend, we have five new concertina-fold zines to share with you at the annual Sticky Institute Festival of the Photocopier. Five pocket-sized replicas of our artists' books within Looped (La Trobe Reading Room, State Library Victoria) for you to create your own loop.

Find us on Sunday the 11 of February, at the Melbourne Town Hall. Come along and see the new zines we have made for you. Come along, and be sure to say hello.

Copies of I think all the world is falling, No longer six feet under, Disrupted and rumpled, Dim wood, spark bright, and A warmed pebble in my hand will be listed on our online store after the fair. Each is an edition of 100.

We will also have something Unusual, created especially for Milly Sleeping, a projection which recently morphed into a flip book, It was a familiar pattern. An edition of 60, copies of this zine are now available through our online store, for those of you who cannot make it to the fair. It is our second attempt at a flip book, beyond those we each made with a felt-tip pen and paper as kids. In both those created now and then, I wager, “our hopes and dreams” apparent not just on the surface, but in every part of the whole.


In the warmup to the fair, perhaps you will consider taking a tour of State Library Victoria's zine collection too (at 2pm on Saturday 10th of February). We were recently delighted to chance across three of our zines from 2010, A folded drawing of a Sulphur-crested cockatoo, Views in my pocket, and We are dreaming of the sea, on display as part of the library’s permanent exhibition, World of the book.

Yes, see you at the fair, where I’ll be hoping to find the type of zine I think those 'Teens with birds of prey trained as a hobby, 1950' would have released.


Image credit: ‘Teens with birds of prey trained as a hobby, 1950’, Los Angeles Times Photographic Archives (Collection 1429), UCLA Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA