transitory |ˈtransɪt(ə)ri, ˈtrɑːns-, -nz-|
not permanent: transitory connections of Top and Tail collages.

A series of ten (complete and) falling collages (of twenty parts) created especially for our instagram feed.

Primary reason: joy

Secondary reason: why not?



Visible as connected squares on our instagram profile, this chance to create something playful in celebration of impermanence was sparked by a landscape banded in three parts and big top tomfoolery with components plucked from collages created for the La Trobe Journal and Imprint magazine last year. As so often befits work made for own amusement (as deadlines loom large), it quickly grew to include a spray of flowers tucked behind the ear disturbed by a mouse, an amorous pair of Passenger pigeons momentarily separated, and a troublesome trio.

Catch them as they tumble, and (sometimes) divide.


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Image credit: John Cimon Warburg, Margate beach, blue girl, Autochrome Lumière, 1915