Like Light

It came like light out of the walls

Thursday 13th June – Sunday 21st July, 2019
West Gallery Thebarton
32 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton, South Australia

Our exhibition, It came like light out of the walls, together with Kyoko Imazu’s In the Neighbourhood, opened on Thursday the 13th of June, and runs until Sunday the 21st of July.

And for those of you who, perhaps like us, could not make it to the opening, here is a look at our up-and-back-in-a-day installation, Kyoko’s beautiful neighbouring work, and scenes from the opening the following night, taken by Oleksandr Pogorilyi.



As we assembled a new wilderness alongside Kyoko and her “tiny neighbours... try[ing] to make sense of the world we live in”, we thought, what a luminescent Neighbourhood our walruses have tumbled into, particularly when the gallery lights go out and they can take whatever form they choose. A shared space for walruses and beetles.

The habitats that make up our planet are connected and reliant upon each other. The astonishing diversity of life on earth depends on these global connections.
— One Planet, Our Planet

In the Neighbourhood
Kyoko Imazu

I’m interested in paying attention to our tiny neighbors: the weeds, bugs and pebbles that fill our everyday lives. When you look closely, it's incredible to realise how everything is so different — every petal, leaf and wing is miraculously unique. These beings and objects all have their own stories and universes within themselves, containing many states of life, death and regeneration.

It’s so easy to not think about small, seemingly insignificant things. On the other hand, if I always stopped and really looked, I’d get so overwhelmed by their wonder.

I like to tell the stories of our overlooked neighbors, to try to make sense of the world we live in — and to imagine the worlds we cannot see with our own eyes.


In the Neighbourhood and It came like light out of the walls at West Gallery Thebarton, opening night

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Image credit: Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, It came like light out of the walls, 2019, collage