Watercolour and pencil, blue, green, more

Through a glass eye

French Connections process
Australian Print Workshop
April 2019

French Connections exhibition
Saturday 1st – Saturday 29th June, 2019
Australian Print Workshop Gallery
210 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

A flicker of quoll spots, and a turquoise of ear. Exploring the grounds of the Château de Malmaison with a pair of Western quolls, a Fawn hopping mouse, and an Eastern pygmy possum.

Today, in the lead up to our exhibition, Through a glass eye, we revisit our time at the Australian Print Workshop, hand-colouring our work created as part of the APW’s French Connections project.

Through a glass eye opens next Saturday the 1st of June, 2–4pm. If you are free and curious to see this work with your own eyes, we’d love to see you there.



APW President Joe Connor & APW Director Anne Virgo OAM invite you to the first exhibition of APW’s French Connections project

Australian Print Workshop is proud to present the results of a major international project French Connections, curated by APW Director Anne Virgo OAM, planned in collaboration with the National Gallery of Australia and made possible by the generous support of The Collie Print Trust.

Four leading contemporary Australian artists, Martin Bell, Megan Cope, Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison joined APW on an ambitious research trip to Paris (May 2018), to explore French Connections with our region — with a particular emphasis on the interplay of natural history, the history of science, empire, art and anthropology relating to early French exploration of Australia and the Pacific, as well as other French/Australian connections.

APW and the Artists’ privileged access to study rarely seen and highly significant collections in leading museums has informed and inspired the production of an exciting new body of work in the print medium. This is the first of a series of French Connections exhibitions at APW Gallery.

Opening 2–4pm Saturday 1st June 2019

Exhibition continues until 29th June 2019
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am–5pm


This work was produced with APW Printers at Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, as part of Australian Print Workshop’s French Connections project curated by APW Director Anne Virgo OAM.

Australian Print Workshop, in the studio January – February 2019
French Connections process, part 2

Australian Print Workshop, in the studio July – September 2018
French Connections process, part 1

Australian Print Workshop Paris study tour May – June 2018

French Connections, part 1
French Connections, part 2
French Connections, part 3
French Connections, part 4
French Connections, part 5
French Connections, part 6
French Connections, part 7

(Post) French Connections, part 1
(Post) French Connections, part 2
(Post) French Connections, part 3
(Post) French Connections, part 4


Image credit: “1864 Napoleon III and his urban planner, Georges-Eugene Haussmann, are well into development of Paris as we know it today. By the time they are done the city nearly doubles in size. Paris grows from from twelve to twenty arrondissements.” Map of Paris (detail), 1864